Audio Resources

Not inclined to read a book? Well there are a plethora of podcasts covering kink topics from an LGBTQ+ friendly perspective. Here are a few we recommend:

The Big Little Podcast

Mako and Spacey cover ageplay from just about ever perspective in existence. This is a great place to start for those who are curious about ageplay or would like a better understanding of the topic.

Erotic Awakening

Dan and Dawn discuss a broad range of topics from “Sacred sexuality to fetishes, power exchange and polyamory, BDSM to erotic spirituality, as well as simply fun kink.”

Graydancer’s Ropecast

The ropecast has been running since 2005 making it the longest running kinky podcast on the web. Graydancer interviews international educators and performers about topics ranging from consent to polyamory all tying back to rope.

HuffPost Love + Sex

While this podcast comes from a more vanilla perspective, Carina and Noah explore taboo topics with open minds by asking questions like “What is sex like after addiction?” and “How is porn evolving to benefit everybody?”

It Girl. Rag Doll Podcast

While this podcast is no longer actively running, the archives still offer an intriguing take on kink and fetishism from Molly Moore and Harper Eliot. Some of the topics include anal sex, cutting and branding, sex while menstruating, and glass dildos.

The Pageist

Paige reviews books on BDSM and sex while sharing bits and pieces of her own journey through the realms of kink. These reviews cover BDSM classics, erotica, how-to guides, and much more.

Passion and Soul Podcast With Lee Harrington

This is one of the most eclectic podcasts that cover kinky topics. Lee Harrington’s focus on spirituality, authenticity, and education lead to topics like Sacred Sexual Shamanism, Embracing Our Potential, and Transformation along with classic topics like Sexuality with Disability, Consent, and Food play.

The People of Kink

With a little prodding from Crazy Heart, people share the stories of their kinky lives from their earliest realization to what they are doing today.

Why Are People Into That?!

What is the appeal of role play? Sex work? Boot blacking? Cross dressing? Tina Horn discusses a variety of fetishes with a wide spectrum of individuals to delve deeper into the niches of human sexuality.


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