Steering Committee   

ikon1bw  Ikonoclast | Glorious Leader

A veteran kinkster with a decade and a half of active experience, Ikon is a dedicated leader with a deep commitment to education, outreach, and the growth and protection of Utah’s BDSM community. Taking the helm of Utah TNG in July 2014, Ikon’s vision calls for a bigger, more diverse, more unified and collaborative TNG movement – both locally and, eventually, on a national scale. He brings a professional background in corporate consulting, technology, strategy, entrepreneurship, training, and analytics to the table, along with a passion for problem solving, process engineering, and engagement with underrepresented groups within the wider scene. Ikon is a frequent presenter/educator within Utah and the Intermountain region as well as on an increasingly national scale. He served as Rocky Mountain Person of Leather 2015 and is the current producer of the RMPoL contest.

  Kayt | Minister of Operations
Bio Coming Soon

   Regional Admins   

andy1bw  Andy | Utah County

Andy comes recommended by 4.5 out of 5 people who recommend things! Bitten by the kink bug at an early age Andy was involved in BDSM before she even knew what it meant. Andy is a wife and mother by day, sexual liberator by night. She is currently in college working on a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and intends to become a Sex Therapist. Andy has been active in the local community since 2013, sold her soul to Utah TNG in 2014 and has since become one of its most outspoken members. Representing TNG as an admin in Utah county, Andy hosts the monthly Provo munch and has worked with the organizers of Provo Pride, coordinates the TNG Provo Pride booth, hosts numerous activities throughout the year and has discovered how to get 26 hours out of a 24 hour day. Her hobbies (other than kink) include sports, acting, singing, dancing, art, cooking/baking, and geeking out with her husband. She loves being part of this community and will kick your ass if you underestimate her!


  Drake | IT

Utah born and raised, Drake came into his kink after an accidental discovery during his youth. This lead to years of subtle research until he finally made his way to a TNG sponsored Fetish Ball at area 51, at which point he was full into all the community events he could attend. He has a passion for strange projects, strange people, and mixing the two together.

  Bruff | Operations Lead, Utah County

Originally from Washington, Bruff now calls SL,UT home where he serves his community as an auxiliary admin for Utah TNG as well as running regular monthly electro play demos at Salt Lake City’s only Fetish Night at Club Area51. His kink experience began while spending his summers sailing and falling in love with rope and marlinspike seamanship. The traditions he learned in the maritime world have followed him throughout his life including the importance of generational knowledge and sharing what you know. As a polyamorous bi-sexual man he is committed to being a visible and outspoken educator and human.