Online Links

Links for Online Learning, Dating, and Fun.


Fetlife Is like facebook for kinky people. It is a social networking site where you can meet people, find events and learn about various kinks. IT IS NOT A DATING SITE.

Collarspace: This is a kinky dating site. Your millage may vary but have fun.

The Daily Flogger: A satirical news site for kinksters

Leatherati: A newspaper for Leather people.


BDSM101:  This is a good site for people new to kink.

Kink Academy: A site full of kink related educational videos.

BDSMtest: A fun quiz that can give some insight into what kind of sexual deviant you are.

Dungeonnet: The most comprehensive directory of BDSM websites in the world. So they claim.

The Leather Archives: A Leather museum in Chicago.

Nation Coalition for Sexual Freedom: A legal resource for Kinky people.

Kink Aware Professionals Directory: Not many resources in Utah but helpful in other places.

Master Slave relationships:


Best Slave Training

Dominant Submissive relationships:

Dominant Guide


Submissive Guide

A Submissive’s Journey

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