Four Reasons you should come to Fetish Night

I work at Area 51’s Fetish Ball every month as a demo artist and, if you’ve never been, it is a unique and awesome event. It’s coming up on theth saturday of the month and, volunteers or no, I would love to see representation from the kink community — so to try and spur that, in no particular order, here are the four big reasons I think even established community members should come on out if you have the chance.

1. Outreach!

Fetish Night was my first real-life introduction to kinky shit, and I know a lot of other people for whom that’s true. It’s a big event in a safely public space that still tries to respect our community and present it accurately — exactly the sort of place that curious potential kinksters might show up, even if they’re nervous about coming to a munch (or don’t yet know that munches exist). There’s basically no better single time and place to help teach people what our community is really about.

2. It’s fun!

Do you enjoy dancing? People-watching? The music they play at kink parties? Beer? Attractive scantily-clad people? Laughing at terrible goth dancing? Doing terrible goth dances? If you answered yes to any of those, there is something at Area 51 for you. Seriously, it’s a great place to observe the local color (the color is black).

3. Show off!

Showing up as an established kinkster at fetish night makes me feel like kind of a badass. All these people are here because they’re curious about, intrigued, maybe intimidated by this thing that’s just a hobby to me. It makes me feel like the lamest possible rock star, and being a rock star is kind of like sex — even when it’s lame, it’s still pretty awesome.

4. Support!

The club has been truly amazing to work with — since the management change earlier this year, I’ve never doubted for a second that the people behind this event sincerely want to support our community. I’d love it if we could return that support in kind.

Plus, if you mention Utah TNG at the door, you get half off the cover price! How cool is that! So, if you’re free that evening, come on down and help us turn Fetish Night into the badass parade of awesome kinky weirdos that it should be.


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